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Behind the Scenes

My name is Francesca Colella, and I am a born and raised U.S. citizen living in Delaware. From the first day of my first trip to Tunisia, I knew it would always hold a dear place in my heart. With this website, I hope to capture a snapshot of Tunisian living while raising awareness of this country, particularly to an American audience. 

I am currently a student of theology and international business with a background in journalism. 

Why asma3.com?

"Asma3" (essmaa) in Arabic is a verb meaning "to listen." When a person wants someone to pay attention, or is trying to emphasize a point, he or she may begin by saying, "asma3." Hence, I felt this an appropriate term for this website. 

Not to mention, my favorite phrase in the Tunisian Arabic language begins with "asma3."

Check it out!

See what's happening in the country, learn some Tunisian cooking, practice your Tunisian Arabic language, or post your question or conversation in the forums!