Home Sweet Home

It started in Sousse...

As the first foreign country I have ever visited, Tunisia will always hold a place near to my heart.

Even after so many leaps and bounds of growth since my initial visit in 2012 (not to mention its leading role in Westernization in the Arab world), Tunisia remains virtually unknown to most Americans. An untapped gold mine, if you will, of touristic experiences.

In fact, not even airlines in the United States have direct flights to Tunisia. From any point within the United States, a person seeking to visit this beautiful and unique country will inevitably face a layover somewhere else.

A pathway to the beach at a resort in Kantaoui, Tunisia.
A pathway to the beach at a resort in Kantaoui, Tunisia.

Part of me wants to be selfish and keep this beautiful country a secret. Part of me likes being one of the few Americans to know about, let alone regularly visit, Tunisia. Part of me likes the sense of uniqueness felt in being able to cook the one-of-a-kind cuisine, speak the one-of-a-kind language, and wear the one-of-a-kind clothes.

But alas, I feel it is my duty to help pave the way to the greatness and recognition that Tunisia deserves. As a country based primarily on tourism for income, it thrives off of publicity and generation of new visitors. Therefore, I will share and share more, in hopes that one day, Tunisia will be just as known and coveted an American destination as Morocco or any other foreign country.

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